Fighting for Ordinary Lives

You Helped Build Her Confidence

Grace, age 11. London, Ontario.

Grace, age 11. London, Ontario.

Grace may have cerebral palsy, but it won’t stop her. With expert care and therapy, she is enjoying an ordinary life and determined to build an extraordinary future.

Before she was even a year old, Grace suffered a stroke. 

The disruption in blood flow damaged her brain and led her to develop cerebral palsy, making it difficult for her to move the right side of her body. 

Nicolle, her mom, was devastated at the news. Questions swirled in her head. What kind of life would her beautiful baby have? Her heart clenched at the thought that Grace wouldn’t be able to enjoy the same experiences as her twin brother, Sam. 

However, Grace’s tenacious spirit, matched with the care offered by Children’s Hospital and Thames Valley Children’s Centre, have helped ensure she lives a full life. 

She used to use a walker, ankle brace and hand splint, as well as need botox injections. Now after some surgeries and years of therapeutic support, Grace doesn’t need any of these. 

“When I think about where I was just a few years ago, and how far I have come physically, I am pretty proud of myself.

“Even though I have cerebral palsy, I can pretty much do anything any other kid can do,” says Grace, adding she loves playing volleyball and soccer, and hanging out with her friends.

Nicolle says she is enormously grateful to the medical professionals who have been there and continue to be there for her family throughout this journey. She is also grateful to donors like you who made sure Grace had the best possible care. As a result, Grace is confident and independent, she adds. She can dream big.  

“When I get older I want to become a millionaire, and I want to do that by being an actress,” Grace announces with a smile. 

“You should probably ask for my autograph now because it’s going to be worth something one day!” 



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