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Landon, age 8. London, Ontario.

Landon, age 8. London, Ontario.

Landon is a humorous eight-year-old who loves Power Rangers, creating YouTube videos and playing pranks. It’s heartbreaking to think, though, that he may not have survived past his first birthday.

Jessica is a ‘roll with the punches’ kind of mom. She takes any hardships as they come but she struggled to keep a smile on her face when her son was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening disorder.

At just five months old, Landon’s parents learned he had glycogen storage disease, which causes glucose to build up in the body, leading to serious health issues. 

“Research shows that most kids don’t make it to five years old because of rapid liver failure. Many die waiting for a transplant,” says his mom Jessica, adding a physician with a keen eye at Children’s Hospital recognized the signs early. “Thankfully they caught it and we could be on top of it the whole time.”

When he turned one, Landon had his liver transplant. It was a success initially however, he later experienced some complications that landed him back at Children’s Hospital. At one point, Jessica feared she would lose him. Fortunately, with the support of medical professionals, he survived.

The hospital has become like a second home to the family during this time. They were in and out for check-ups, tests and procedures. 

Recognizing that Landon was missing out on opportunities to enjoy ordinary life, the staff at Children’s Hospital didn’t just strive to protect his health, they also ensured he could enjoy being a kid while at the facility. 

Landon is a big fan of Ollie the Therapeutic Clown. They’ve played pranks together and made fart noises, as little boys love to do. He also considers Child Life Specialists Erica and Amy close friends.

“Landon wanted to have a Power Ranger day and Child Life helped him plan and execute it at the hospital. He wasn’t feeling great, but it was something he looked forward to and he owned it,” recalls Jessica. “It was the highlight of his hospital stay.”

Now eight years old, Landon is still closely monitored due to complications post-transplant. For the time being though, Jessica is happy that her son is doing well and has once again been able to relish ordinary life at home thanks to the wonderful care offered at Children’s Hospital.


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