When Cole was four, he was diagnosed with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome, an extremely rare disease of the immune system. 

Cole fought through extraordinary measures to survive. He endured years of dialysis, he lost an arm and a leg and eventually received a kidney transplant. 

Today, Cole is an active 11-year-old boy. He enjoys the ordinary things in life, like playing basketball and video games and going camping with his family.

Fighting for


Children's Health Foundation 2017-2018 Community Report


...On Three Fronts

Ordinary is Often Extraordinary

On the surface, ordinary seems uninspiring. But when you really stop to think about it, the small, every day moments are what enrich our lives the most. 

It’s the best when, as a kid, your parents come to cheer you on at your game and bring you out for a drippy, delicious ice cream cone afterward. 

Or imagine when your child or grandchild wraps their tiny hand around your finger for the first time.

These are ordinary moments that feel extraordinary when they happen to us. Unfortunately, sickness, injury and disability can steal these moments from us and our loved ones. That’s why Children’s Health Foundation is fighting to protect them. 

We are proud to champion support for paediatric health care, rehabilitation and research. 

We’re even prouder to have donors like you. This year, you made it possible for us to contribute $6.5 million to Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre, Thames Valley Children’s Centre and Children’s Health Research Institute. 

Children and their families in our region will be able to enjoy more ordinary moments because you supported: 

  • the purchase of 112 vital pieces of equipment that will save young lives,
  • 11 quality of life programs that make the hospital experience easier and more positive, 
  • 10 value-added programs and other therapeutic services that open a world of possibilities to children with disabilities, 
  • and ground-breaking research to prevent and treat childhood disease and injury around the world.

Thank you for battling alongside us. We are thrilled to share some exciting victories with you while also remembering that there are thousands of children who still need us to continue fighting for ordinary. 


Scott Fortnum and Trevor Delaire

President & CEO, and Chair of the Board of Children's Health Foundation




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Fighting for Ordinary...



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